The elegant Hunstanton resort is an excellent starting point for exploring Norfolk’s stunning coastline. Hunstanton, or “Hunston” as it is referred to locally, is renowned for its distinctive striped cliffs and stunning sunsets, which are enhanced by the fact that it is the only resort on the east coast that faces west.

The seaside town was built as a resort on purpose in 1846. It still has its Victorian charm and character today, making it a popular vacation spot for people of all ages. There is something for everyone at the bustling Crazy Golf, Pitch-and-Putt, and Oasis Leisure Centre, as well as the tranquil Esplanade Gardens. You can take a self-guided Horticultural Trail to make sure you see all of the town’s gardens, which are especially lovely in the spring and summer.

The excellent beach in Hunstanton provides ideal conditions for sand play, rock pool exploration, and seaside enjoyment. Old Hunstanton is a village with cottages built of carstone, traditional British pubs, and a slower pace of life overall. You can enjoy exploring both parts of Hunstanton in a single day because you can walk between the resorts.

The popular seasonal land train in Hunstanton takes visitors from Searles Leisure Resort to the Lighthouse and back again. This makes it very easy and fun to explore Hunstanton and see many of the resort’s attractions.